Maiwut chiefs defend area commissioner against defection rumours

Maiwut chiefs defend area commissioner against defection rumours
Maiwut County paramount chiefs pose for a photo after meeting [Photo: Courtesy]

The paramount chiefs of Maiwut County, Upper Nile State, condemned the continued allegations about the defection of the area commissioner to SPLM-IO.

In a statement seen by The City Review on Sunday, the chiefs said they want to make people understand that the accusations facing the administrator are not true and want to protect him from reputational damage.

“This is to inform the general public that we, the chiefs of Maiwut County and the whole community of Maiwut are standing firm with our commissioner, who is also the chairman of the SPLM in the county. We are writing this letter to the public to help them understand our legal right and seek to restore the reputation of the commissioner,” the chiefs said.

The chiefs emphasised that Maiwut County is committed to participating in the upcoming rally for President Salva Kiir in Upper Nile State in December 2023.

“Maiwut community has prepared themselves for the ticket endorsement hospitality campaign in Upper Nile State, which will be held in December 2023. We are great participants in our lives, celebrating the goodness of our party, SPLM, rather than defecting from it,” it stated.

Last week, a cryptic statement on social media claimed that commissioner Bang Kawich had defected to SPLA-IO.

The document alleged interference of the SPLM party’s military wing in politics, particularly the Maiwut County special operations force.

Also, the document stated that the commissioner Kawich allegedly suggested the removal of some individuals from the national government, including Dr. John Gai Yok, Gatluak Riek Jack, Bol Ruach Rom, Maj. Gen. Ochan Puot, and Paul Biel Nguol.

However, the commissioner has since denied all the allegations.