Maintain peace if you want more support from us, Japan tell South Sudan

Maintain peace if you want more support from us, Japan tell South Sudan
JICA President, Dr. Tanaka Akihiko addressing members of the media in Juba on Friday, May 20, 2022. [Photo: Kitab Unango, City Review]

Japan has sent an appeal to the political leadership in South Sudan to prioritize peace and security for it to continue funding development projects in the country.

Japan International Cooperation Agency –JICA, President, Dr Tanaka Akihiko has said the government of Japan and its people have always been eager to engage in collaborative activities with the people and government of South Sudan, and that stable security is a big catalyst in ensuring progress.

“I am very happy to observe that some of the projects we started eight years ago are now complete including the Freedom Bridge and this water supply system will be in operation soon. That gives us home happiness of working together with South Sudan,” he said.

He said it is the hope of the people of Japan and the government “that the political situation will be stabilized and current efforts of reforms will the completed soon under stable peaceful conditions,” he said.

According to Dr Akihiko, due to insecurity resulting from the civil war in South Sudan, the Japanese government’s funded projects had to be limited to the capital, Juba with relative stability.

“Nine years ago I went to Malakal and observed some sites of cooperation unfortunately at this moment we are in operation only around Juba here. I hope for that day when we can engage in many projects throughout South Sudan I think for that peace, stability is essential,” Dr Akihiko said.

Japan has pledged to construct four more bridges worth 2.655 billion Japanese Yen, an approximation of $23.3 million respectively in South Sudan, which has given hope of continued friendship between Tokyo and Juba.

“We are happy that we have been able to complete the Freedom Bridge and we are very happy to observe this important [water] system supply is on track, in doing that I think we can cement the friendship between the people of South Sudan and the people of Japan.” Dr Akihiko said.

Japan has been one of the major funders of development projects in South Sudan before and after independence, with the latest being the 91 million dollar Freedom Bridge across River Nile.