Maban County to revive stalled projects

Maban County to revive stalled projects
Maban County officials at one of the stalled projects in the county. [Photo: Mathiang Makuach]

Maban County Commissioner, Peter Alberto, has said that his region is ready for development after weeks of clashes.

Alberto said that together with development partners, they are going to continue implementing the projects that had stalled because of security concerns.

“The county has witnessed peace and stability in the recent days, and that is what we want to take advantage of and make the lives of our people better by finishing the projects already earmarked for development,” he said.

He added that government forces and the armed opposition forces had developed a cordial relationship to the point they can be seen visiting each other.

The commissioner added that his administration, in cooperation with foreign organizations operating in the area, has been working for the past six months on development projects.

“We dug 32 water pumps distributed throughout the county, and established a school in an area called Qufa in Khor Al Ahmar, Payam and health centers in Boma, Fuji, Qism allah, and Jamam. We have also erected a fence for Bong Teaching Hospital with fixed materials at a cost of $600,000, which was a grant from UNHCR,” he said.

Works are also ongoing on the road linking Maban and Renk Counties, a stretch of 70 kilometres.

“We are committed to making a difference,” he said.