Lower bride price, Machar tell parents

Lower bride price, Machar tell parents

​First Vice President Riek Machar has told parents and guardians to lower the bride price to encourage young people from marrying.

Machar was speaking during the wedding ceremony of the minister for petroleum, Puot Kang and Nyamal Gatluak on Saturday.

“My message is to those who have daughters to make marriage easy for young people. Don’t be very expensive,” said Machar.​​

Bride price has been ‘commercialised in South Sudan with some families demanding as high as 1000 cows for their daughters’ hand in marriage.

This practice has deprived girls of education as most of them are taken out of school so that they can be married off, to generate wealth for their families.

Setting example

Early in July, Machar’s family accepted 45 cows as the bride price for their daughter – Meer.

The Director for Information and Public in Machar’s office, Puok Both Baluang told Eye Radio that the First Vice President wanted just 11 cows but the family settled for 34 more.

This was still against the wishes of the son-in-law, William Deng Rehan who had offered 500 cows.

Traditional chief in Jur River County, Western Bahr el Ghazal State unanimously agreed to lower the bride price from 40 to 15 cows.