Love triangle and counter revenge: Police arrest suspect in teacher’s murder case

Love triangle and counter revenge: Police arrest suspect in teacher’s murder case

​​Authorities in Northern Bahr el-Ghazal State have arrested one suspect in relation to the recent murder of a teacher in Aweil.

According to authorities, the late teacher, identified only as ‘Deng’, was allegedly killed by a group of four men in what is suspected to be a revenge attack.

A few days before his charred body was discovered in the thickets, a man was reportedly killed in Juba, on suspicion that he was having an illicit affair with a married woman.

His killer pounced on him after he allegedly found him ‘in his house, alone with his wife, – killing him on the spot.

It is suspected that the man who was killed in a love triangle was a relative of the now deceased teacher.

In a new twist of the event, relatives of the man killed in Juba, also attacked​​ a relative of the alleged killer of their kin, in Aweil.

 It turned out that the victim was the late teacher.

He was lynched on his way home from school before his body was set on fire by his killers.

​​In an attempt to unravel a complex and marathon chain of murder cases as a result of retaliatory attacks, police in Aweil have since apprehended one suspect believed to be among the four men suspected to have committed the heinous murder of the teacher.

“Police had found information that one of the relatives of the late teacher residing in Juba had killed a person after he found him [the victim] in his house with his wife, two weeks ago,” Minister of Information in Northern Bahr al-Ghazal State, William Anyuon Kuol told City Review.

“One of the relatives of the person killed in Juba [who resides in Aweil] had stated earlier that they will take revenge after learning that their relative was killed in Juba,” Kuol said, adding that the e group that killed the teacher were wearing uniforms of the organized forces.

The suspect is in police custody even as police continue with the investigation.

“We are asking the family [of the murdered teacher] to be patient and wait for the results of the legal procedures.”

He said such heinous criminal acts are alien to the peaceful Aweil society and people, “we reject such criminal acts and assure the family of the murdered teacher that the government is looking for killers.

William called on the people of Northern Bahr el Ghazal to desist from taking the law into their own hands.