Lomuro threatens ‘watertight case’ against US

Lomuro threatens ‘watertight case’ against US

The Minister of Cabinet Affairs Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro— who was sanctioned by President Donald Trump’s administration in 2019—has threatened legal suit against the U.S.

After winning a court case in Kenya on money laundering which saw his foreign bank account unfrozen, Dr. Lomuro jetted in only to reveal further plans of opening up another case, this time against the Washington administration.

“I will take the US to the international court of law and no one should threaten me. I know who I am nobody has some riffraff’s around threatening me no,” Lomuro said, as he seethed in anger.

He said his tribulations gave him a bad reputation and he was ready to face those challenges and win.

“I have community and I can’t be ashamed in front of [them]. My community has a history of liberation and there is no history in the Pugulu community where a leader has been accused of theft. I am the chairman of the community and I must maintain that standard and I will take on anybody including the US believe me,” he further expressed.

Not yet over

He said he had the confidence in winning the case in the Kenyan anti-corruption court, adding that this will take precedence for other South Sudanese battling cases beyond borders.

“And those cybercriminals and social media terrorists should consult the law…if you publicize my name for political gains, you should know that I will be hereafter you,” he warned.

He swore to also sue the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) after the Kenyan high court acquitted him of accusations of money laundering contrary to allegations of the agency. This led to the rescinding of June 4, 2021, an order which froze his account.

In June, Kenya Asset Recovery Agency obtained an order from the high court to prohibit Mr. Lomuro from accessing his account at Cooperative Bank of Kenya, Cooperative House Branch, on allegations that he was involved in money laundering.

Lomuro said the account freeze order that was highly published by the media put his name into undeserved political and social disrepute.

He said he expected his immunity to be lifted and investigated before being taken to court but that did not happen because Kenya’s proceed of crime and money laundering Act 2009 requires the Attorney-General of Kenya to write through the ministry of foreign affairs to the attorney General of South Sudan.

The minister said the embassy of South Sudan was never contacted and was not informed about the issue of the court order to freeze his account.

He urged those who celebrated the ARA allegations against him to update their record after the court has proven him innocent.

“For my political foes, cybercriminals, and social media terrorists who celebrated the ARA allegations against me, update your records that I have nothing to do with money laundering, corruption, and financial criminal or otherwise” he warned.

 “The intention of the non-UN neocolonialist sanctions is to damage my personal reputation and my political career beyond repair,” he added.