Lomurö downplays SPLM-IO demands for extra seats

Lomurö downplays SPLM-IO demands for extra seats

The Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Dr. Martin Elia Lomurö, who is also the Secretary of the High-Level Standing Committee on the Roadmap, told off the SPLM-IO over their demand for seats in the administrative areas.

Last week, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) notified President Salva Kiir, demanding a share of the political cake in the administrative areas, arguing such would be in line with the power-sharing arrangement.

But in a rejoinder, while addressing the 7th Governors’ Forum on Wednesday, Dr. Lomuro claimed that the administrative areas are not part of the power-sharing in the agreement.

“The administrative areas are not part of the agreement on the resolution of conflict in the Republic of South Sudan,” he said.

However, he argued that this is a political matter that needs the principals and parties to the peace agreement to decide upon.

“That (issue of administrative areas) is a political matter that His Excellency the President and other principals will discuss, including the participation of the other parties in the administration of those areas,” he said.

Dr. Lomuro argued that the matter of power-sharing in the administrative areas has been a concern of many parties, including his party, the National Agenda.

As the election draws closer, Lomuro stated that many parties have seen it through political eyes and constantly requested to have the cake in the administrative areas.

He appealed to the parties to the peace agreement to be aware of the pending issues that would be addressed as the county plans to move forward and achieve peace.

In addition, Dr Lomuro said the recently formed National Commissions received complaints from some parties that he said would be addressed.

He claimed that the parties submitted their selection commissions and the names of their members but SPLM-IO came out with complaints despite having participated in the selection process.

“I told my vice president you blame your people because they do not select, but we will find a way to resolve it as I say we want to move forward,” he said.

He added that there was nothing to worry about as it would be addressed.

“There is nothing against the SPLM-IO, only that if you look at the table of allocation, they were dissatisfied with two members, but after talking with the president, we will find a way to resolve it,” he said.

The Press Secretary in the Office of the First Vice President, Puok Baluang, earlier told The City Review in an exclusive interview that the opposition demanded a share in the newly created administrative areas, adding that they were part of the states.

“As we speak, the administrative areas are under SPLM; however, this area is part of South Sudan, and the positions should be shared. What happens now is the violence,” Baluang said.

He argued that since the SPLM-IG “violated the agreement and created the two administrative areas of some states,” there is a need to share positions.