Lomuro asks activist to apologise over arms embargo remark

Lomuro asks activist to apologise over arms embargo remark
Nyakuma Peter the activist.

Minister of Cabinet Affairs Martin Elia Lomuro has ordered that an activist publicly apologise for raising concerns about an arms embargo with the government.

Nyakuma Peter, a female activist who unsuccessfully ran for the East African Legislative Assembly seat in Juba, queries why the government is graduating forces with the stick.

“If we want to bring more guns into this country, you ask for the lifting of the arms embargo, and I feel, we have enough guns to graduate the forces,” Nyakuma said at a plenary session during the Sixth Governors’ Forum.

But in a quick rejoinder, Lomuro asked the activist to publicly apologise.

“I know you are being lobbied the whole night and being told that you will be supported financially. and I know that you are being used to collect information to embargo countries and sanction people. We know that.

“Tomorrow, you come and apologize here publicly,” Lomuro told the activist.

Meanwhile, Michael Makuei stated during his plenary remark that the arms embargo is a major challenge to the implementation of the security arrangement, which is one of the provisions of the revitalized agreement, claiming that the graduation of forces is “useless” without arms.

Makuei further accused the civil society of being part of the problem in South Sudan.

“The Security Council has passed its resolution on the arms embargo, and we are not capable of buying arms or getting arms from any of our good friends. We have graduated them now, and the international community is telling us to deploy them. Should we deploy them with sticks?” said Makuei.

The Minister of Environment and Forestry, Josephine Napwon and Mary Ayen, the first deputy speaker, however, told the two leaders not to intimidate citizens for airing their concerns.

“I think that is a question each and every one of us is asking, and I have not heard from her directly talking about the arms embargo.

It is not the first time that the two Ministers have frightened the media and civil society on decisions taken by the UN family and the international community.

The US imposed sanctions on South Sudanese government leaders in 2019 after accusing them of obstructing the establishment of peace in the nation.