Libya Crisis: Over 5,000 presumed dead, thousands still missing

Libya Crisis: Over 5,000 presumed dead, thousands still missing

The situation in Libya remains severe, with over 5,000 people thought dead after ‘catastrophic’ flooding destroys dams and sweeps away homes.

According to accounts from the ground, two dams in northeastern Libya fell owing to severe rainfall, further inundating already waterlogged areas.

At least 5,300 people have perished, according to government broadcaster LANA. With rumors of 10,000 people still missing, the death toll could grow further.

Two dams in northern Libya collapsed after 24 hours of torrential rain, dumping extra water into previously flooded areas.

NCC quote Othman Abduljalil, health minister in Libya’s eastern administration, as many as 6,000 persons remain missing in the eastern city of Derna, which has suffered the worst of the devastation.

The official described the situation as “catastrophic.”

Authorities fear that entire communities in the city have been wiped away.

Hospitals in Derna are no longer operational, and morgues are packed, according to Osama Aly, a spokesperson for the Emergency and Ambulance Service.

 “There are no first-hand emergency services. People are working at the moment to collect the rotting bodies,” said Anas Barghathy, a doctor currently volunteering in Derna.