Let’s work together for new-look Juba, urges Allah-Jabu

Let’s work together for new-look Juba, urges Allah-Jabu
The Mayor of Juba City Council, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu [Photo: courtesy]

Juba City Council (JCC) has called on residents to comply with policies to make the city more conducive for inhabitation amid the impacts of climate change.

Juba Mayor Michael Lado Thomas Allah-Jabu said the cooperation would enable his administration to carpet roads, eradicate both solid and liquid wastes, endangering lives as well as deliver security services to the citizens.

He said citizens have lots of expectations and needs from the Juba City Council, such as urban development, the construction of roads, the opening of roads, and building bridges to improve Juba City’s image within the region.

However, he said that all of these need citizens’ cooperation.

“We need to see that you have to cooperate with us, especially when we mark the road. You cooperate with us, remove the structure if at all the structure encroached into the road,” Allah-Jabu said.

He said the Juba City authorities need cooperation to counter criminals, “There are a lot of criminals nowadays called niggers. They are killing themselves and killing innocent people. The Juba City authorities want to declare war on them.” 

He was speaking during the launch of the South Sudan Environmental Conservation Society (SSECS) at the University of Juba on Monday. The function was organised by a group of South Sudanese academics to advocate for environmental protection.

The society also intends to push for the passage of a long-overdue environmental bill into law in order to prevent environmental pollution caused by human activities such as oil exploration, deforestation, and land clearance for settlement and agriculture.

The Chairperson of the Standing Specialised Committee on Environment and Forestry at the National Transitional Legislative Assembly, Hellen Lukurnyang, said the country’s environment was at a crucial stage, promising soon enactment of the Environment Act to punish the polluters.

 “Juba City is doing a lot to ensure that Juba is clean, but there is much needed from them to do to improve the image of the country by working together as ministries, TNLA, and SSECS to ensure that the city is clean, safe, and green.”

“I want to assure you that after this we are going to follow up with the Ministry of Justice t ensure that the bill is brought to the parliament, and is passed t enable us to work efficiently to protect our environment without hindrance and interference,” said Hellen.