Let’s tackle graft head-on – Presidential advisor, Manyang says

Let’s tackle graft head-on – Presidential advisor, Manyang says

Senior presidential advisor, Kuol Manyang Juk has lamented ay the pedestal manner in which graft cases are handled in the country.

“There is corruption in the country…We are not serious about fighting corruption.

“We must convince ourselves to fight it.”

According to Kuol, even the money generated from the oil is not enough to enable the government to fully run its operations but there is a lot more that needs to be done in the area of accountability.

“There is no country in the world that was built with its own money without the money of foreign investment,” Kuol said.

However, he appealed to the citizens to join hands with the government to end the ongoing insecurity in some parts of the country. Some of the areas include Upper Nile State, where Johnson Olony and Simon Gatwech have had conflicts, as well as the recent Ngok and Twic conflict.

Kuol echoed his recent statement that investors would opt for other countries and leave South Sudan when they bought into the insecurity concerns.

“Young people go to vocational education centers and develop their skills through academic and technical education, then use their skills to make money,” Kuol said.

 “You should take advantage of the countries’ resources, such as agriculture, and prepare yourselves for the next elections after two years because no one will do that but you.” The government official was speaking during an inter-dialogue on generational issues that was held at the University of Juba yesterday.