Let’s protect minority groups, MP tells Parliament

Let’s protect minority groups, MP tells Parliament

Peter Lomude speaks during parliamentary deliberations. [Matia Samuel, The City Review]

A lawmaker has called on the Parliament to address the plights of marginalized groups in the country through legislation.

Peter Lomude, who represents Yei County at the National Assembly on an SSOA ticket, told the House that minority groups are usually forgotten in deliberations.

“In this report, we as parliament are reminded that as we do our roles of legislation, it’s important that we should take into consideration minority groups,” he said yesterday during the presentation of the report of South Sudan Parliamentary Delegation to the 148th Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly in Geneva.

He identified the Kachipo ethnic tribe as one of the most marginalized communities in the country.

“I remember when we had a debate on the issue of the Political Parties Act, this issue of consideration of minority was an issue. Somebody raised an example of the Kachipo as one of the minority tribes in this country that has no representation anywhere in the government,” said the lawmaker.  

He added that the Inter-Parliamentary Union report is reminding the lawmakers to take note of the rights of minorities in South Sudan.

“We should take into consideration these minority groups,” he stressed.