Leave us out of church dispute, Bor community tells Badi

Leave us out of church dispute, Bor community tells Badi

The Bor Community has warned the Primate of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS) Rev. Justin Badi against dragging the community into the church chaos.

The Bor community leader, Dr. Gordon Angok, told the press on Tuesday that by blaming the community over the church standoff in Bor, Badi jeopardised the peace and unity of their people.

“Bor Community is shocked and displeased by these unfounded accusations,” Angok stated.

‘’It is time that the higher authority should begin to keenly monitor the ungodly maneuvers of the ECSS Primate and his leadership towards the church and its people in Bor,” Kuol said.

The group was responding to Dr. Baid’s statement accusing the Bor Community of torturing ECSS priests, and harassing the Bor church congregants, among other claims.

According to Dr. Angok, the Bor Community does not support the ongoing church strife in Jonglei Internal Province, which unfortunately polarized the community. He also claimed that there is no proof to back up Dr. Badi’s claims.

“Facts must be submitted to the candid world that the leadership of Bor Community has been very instrumental in the search for an amicable and durable solution to the chronic leadership crisis in the Jonglei Internal Province by joining hands with other stakeholders to ensure that the gulf of leadership differences is bridged,”Dr. Angok.

He added that Bor is a peaceful community and that the community leadership reserves the right to ensure that this factional debate does not lead to bloodshed among Bor Community members who have found themselves in the heart of a Church leadership struggle.

“The recent incident in Langbar B church in Bor town was instigated by the ECSS leadership in Juba, given the fact that Langbar B church has been the source of this conflict,’’ Angok said.

He requested the Jonglei state administration to intervene and temporarily shut down the church to prevent bloodshed.

In his recent address to the media, Badi blamed the Jonglei community leaders for fueling the church conflict in the state. Earlier this month, a section of armed youth welded Langbar Church with two metallic bars, preventing a Sunday worship. The youth maintained that the church was under Makuach diocese, a claim opposed by some believers.  The rift has continued to widen ever since Badi defrocked Bishop Reuben Akurdid, of Jonglei Province, for canonical disobedience.