Leaders in Eastern Equatoria call for peace amid renewed clashes

Leaders in Eastern Equatoria call for peace amid renewed clashes
The leaders of Bor community in a meeting with the governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Louis Lobong, and his accompanying delegation. [Photo: Courtesy]

The Eastern Equatoria State government has called for peaceful coexistence among communities in the state during the independence celebration in Magwi County.

This year’s state independence celebration was held in Magwi Country and was attended by several dignitaries, including the governor, Louis  Lobong Lojore.

Also, the Residence District Commissioner (RDC) of Uganda’s neighbouring district of Lamwo attended the celebration.

Speaking during the celebration in Magwi, the Deputy Governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Mary Alphonse Lodira, called for cooperation among the citizens to enable the government to maintain security in the state.

“So, let us work hard. Let us keep our state calm and peaceful. I am not going into the unfortunate situation that happened in Magwi County, but God is great,” she said.

Mary said the government is working hard to ensure total peace and security in the state despite the challenges.

She urged the government officials to make the state so attractive by joining hands together for the benefit of the grassroot people.

“We, as the government, are working together. As you can see, we are from different political parties, and we are doing well compared to some other states.” We must continue with this spirit all way from the grass root up to the top. ” Mary said.

Meanwhile, the governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Louis Lobong Lojore, expressed optimism that despite the challenges they are facing, they will soon achieve total peace and harmony one day.

“Through hard work, love, and prosperity, we will create a peaceful environment that allows citizens to have freedom of movement within the state and nationwide.”

Lobong urged citizens to embrace peaceful coexistence and harmony with their neighbours.

“We cannot overcome this and achieve this without hard work, without love in our country.” So, Eastern Equatoria State is the land of wisdom and I urge you all to be resilient and maintain the spirit of togetherness,” Lobong stated.

The plea came at a time that the Anzara Area Chief, John Elebele was killed by a gunman believed to be from a pastoralist community, who stormed a burial meeting and started firing indiscriminately.