Leader warns group from collecting money in name of community

Leader warns group from collecting money in name of community
Kiir Gai Thiep, Chairman of Aguok Community. [Photo: Courtesy]

‘Begging’ members of Aguok Community have been told to desist from using the name of the community to enrich themselves. 

Aguok-Kuei Community Chairman Kiir Gai Thiep on Wednesday issued a strong warning to members who are asking for funds in the name of the community.

According to a warning letter seen by The City Review, the leader accused asection of the community members of obtaining money from the members by false presence.

“We have learned recently that some groups of the Aguok community have illegally organized themselves under the name of the Aguok-Kuei community conference committee (AKCCC).

“The group has structured its leadership, produced stamps and letters, and they have been operating without the knowledge of the chairperson,” read the letter in our possession.

“It (group) illegal body and their activities amount to unlawfully and unrightfully usurping community power entrusted to the elected chairperson and the entire executive body of the Aguok Community Association (CA),” the part of the statement reads.

Thiep’s faction (Aguok Community Association) is led by an executive body and the entire General Assembly.

The Chairperson further advised the general public, as well as members of the Aguok and the community, to distance themselves from what they termed as an “illegal entity” adding that they unjustly collect money from members.

“The executive committee will be left with no choice except to demand that the group be prosecuted without further notice,” he continued.

Thiep asked the other group to ‘return’ the stamp and money that they have so far collected from a section of members.