Lawyer appeals to Chief Justice Madut to protect landowners

Lawyer appeals to Chief Justice Madut to protect landowners

An advocate has appealed to the Chief Justice, Reech Madut, to issue a circular detailing the contractual agreements and policies on land lease to avert cases of exploitation.

Suhila Deng said that many people have fallen victims of exploitation at the hands of foreign investors who defy the contracts after taking up their parcels of land. She said some of these cases stem from instances where amount agreed as rent between the land owner and the investor turn out to be insignificant due to inflation, and the investor fails to heed to revision of the terms.

“We appeal to the Chief Justice to intervene urgently by issuing such a publication until a clear official law is issued regulating the rights of the parties to the contract.

“And the document that we are appealing for will preserve the rights of the country’s citizens from the weak segments, such as children, women, and the disabled who have been suffering for a long time from the crisis of rental contracts in which they became victims of their lack of knowledge of the outcomes of those contracts,’’ she said.

Deng is representing Central Equatoria State Disabled Union against Dallol Company. According to the court records, the group leased a 40 by 60 plot at Juba’s Mobil Roundabout at a price of SSP6,000 for 20 years. However, the group argues that due to inflation, the amount has become valueless hence the need to revise the contract—a call that the company has opposed.

‘‘We appeal to that investor to give the Central Equatoria State Disabled Union Administration their right according to the rent law in the same way, which allows the owner party to be the amount of rent according to the price going on in the market.”

Deng said the law to protect people with disabilities has not yet been approved by the competent authorities and it is under consideration.

“They cannot find their legitimate rights from some parties such as the issues that we are defending now. I appeal to the parliament and the ministry of justice to summarise the Handicapped Law “.