Langbar-B incident disrupts ECSS plan to confirm dioceses

Langbar-B incident disrupts ECSS plan to confirm dioceses

The Episcopal Church of South Sudan confirmed the three dioceses of Makuac, Anyidi, and and Cueikeer in a letter dated July 28, 2023.

The letter was directed to the Most Rev. Moses Anur Ayom, the ECSS-appointed Archbishop of Jonglei Internal Province, to inaugurate the new dioceses and award them certificates.

“We write to express our gratitude and appreciation for the commendable decisions recently taken by the priests and the Christians in Bor.

“Their firm stand remains faithful in following the right way of handling church issues is praiseworthy,” read the letter seen by the City Review Newspaper.

“As it is in their resolution, we pray that you will be able to be with the Christians in Bor soon to facilitate the processes of inaugurating the new dioceses and handing out the certificates. Be assured of our continued prayers for God’s guidance and blessings on you all.”

In an exclusive interview, the ECSS communication officer, Manyang Gabriel, said the fighting initiated by the youth in Langbar-B had interrupted the plan and invalidated the letter as not being the topic of discussion anymore.

“That letter was for last week, but now, what happened on Saturday, I think you are aware about it. That means that letter is useless now. “Talking about that letter is meaningless now,” he explained.

“The ECSS leadership is conducting meetings for these few days and maybe tomorrow they will come out with a resolution.”

Yesterday, the police commissioner in Jonglei State, Elia Kosta confirmed to the City Review that the Sunday service was interrupted by unruly youth and chiefs from Makuac Payam of Bor County following the fighting that happened in Langbar-B on July 30.

“The issue of the church is still going on, so yesterday the youth of Makuach and chiefs closed the Church of Langbar B (St Peter) where the incident (fights) happened last Sunday, and there were no prayers today,” Costa said.