Land policy to bring more ownership privileges- Wani Igga

Land policy to bring more ownership privileges- Wani Igga
The Vice President of Economic Cluster James Wani Igga. [Photo: City Review]

The Vice President for Economic Cluster, Dr James Wani Igga, hailed the National Land Policy as the masterstroke for reducing ‘‘excessive privileges in land ownership’’ in the country.

He made this remark during the closing of a three-day workshop on the final review of the Draft National Land Policy organized by the Ministry of Land, Housing, and Urban Development with support from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FOA). 

He said that policy would focus on the need for everyone to have land in the country. 

“It would discourage the maintenance of privileges in excessive land ownership and this respect accelerate economic growth,” Wani said.  

“I talked about transparency in land methods; direct participation of owners and users in decision making is paramount to facilitate access to land resources,’’ he remarked, adding the land policy must facilitate the move away from ‘‘centralised government practice.’’

Wani said the policy would also incorporate what the international convention proposed on land, such as ensuring less privileged people own land. 

He said that in regards to land ownership South Sudanese women remain oppressed as they are denied inheritance.

He called on the ministry to give women separate land to avoid these disputes in future.

“Legal administrative structures to handle land dispute must be laydown I must be clear in the land policy,” he said. 

Meanwhile, the Minister of Land, Housing and Urban Development, Michael Chienjieng, expressed commitment to stopping disagreement over land issues between men and women.  

“The draft will officially be handed over to HE before I submit it officially to the economic cluster and then to the ministers and parliament,” he said.