Lady Kola promises to drop hit song for  Azande king

Lady Kola promises to drop hit song for  Azande king
King Atoroba Peni Rikito and Lady Kola.

Lady Kola, revealed a plan to compose a song in honour of Azande King Atoroba Peni Rikito.

The singer visited the king at his palace together with four other singers to appreciate the monarch’s restoration.

Vocalist Kola thanked Azande’s leaders for their cordial reception at the palace and urged the kingdom to maintain its spirit of unity.

For Lady Kola, visiting the kingdom was something special and a blessing to her life.

 “We made the decision to visit the palace today to receive our ancestors’ blessings,” she said.

“It is always a good idea to spend time in the palace for some of us who want to get even more blessings,” Kola expressed.

She advised South Sudanese to view the Azande kingship as a uniting factor and the face of cultural heritage.

The singer pledged to continue to promote South Sudanese culture around the globe using her musical talents.

Meanwhile, Kola’s manager, Shadia Ropan, described the visit to the palace as a great honour for the team.

“I promise you that a new song in the name of the King or Azande Kingdom will be released in 2023,” he assured.

Singer Sweet J, promoter German, and Shadia Ropan Kola’s manager were among the team members who visited the palace.

Lady Kola is a South Sudanese artist and peace activist who was born in Eritrea. She is a multi-award-winning female performer who is the sole surviving musician from South Sudan.

Kola is a well-known vocalist who has received more than ten nominations for various prizes. She has, nevertheless, received two awards: the Sathya Awards for fans’ favorite artist of the year 2018–2019 as well as the South Sudan Music Awards and the Best Female Artist of the Year 2019–2020.