Kush Bank manager, Bor College principal arrested over SSP83 million scandal

Kush Bank manager, Bor College principal arrested over SSP83 million scandal
Kush Bank banking hall in Juba. [Photo, Kush Bank Twitter Page]

Kush Bank manager and Bor College High School Principal have been arrested over financial misappropriation.

According to authorities, Philip Kuec, the bank’s branch manager in Bor and Mayol Panchol were apprehended alongside three others over a financial scandal involving the loss of SSP82 million that belonged to Bor College High School.  

Major Daniel Majak, the Jonglei state police spokesperson they are still carrying out further investigations with the suspects in custody.

“The manager is in police custody at Bor Madena police state and he is undergoing the investigation,” Majak said. 

Major Majak says the arrests were made following legal complaints presented to the Attorney General by Mabior Atem Mabior, one of the Directors of Bor College High School.

There have been leadership wrangles over the management of the school. Last week, Jonglei State High Court dismissed a civil suit against Atem Mabior in a dispute case involving the affairs of Bor College High School.

Atem had been dismissed as the school director as well as a board member by the chairperson of the school’s Board of Directors – Panther Alier Akuei.

Akuei had cited mismanagement of the school fund.

In a strange twist of events, Atem now claims that it is the other group that is mismanaging the school, even dragging the bank in the leadership wrangles. 

“The High Court served the bank with the latter ordering them to reinstate me as the account signatory for Bor College High School. The arrested group, with others, want and get the power of Antony and take that document to the bank which makes the bank change the account name and the signatory without my notice,” Mabior said.

“I have been asking the management of the bank why they allowed complainants access to the bank account while the case is still pending. After the court ruling, I came to the bank with other members of the board with the document and found that the amount of more than SSP83 million has been withdrawn which made me arrest the bank manager yesterday (Monday)” he added.

In a letter seen by City Review, the president of Jonglei state High court John Yel ordered the freezing of bank accounts belonging to Bor College High School at the Kush bank on 13 February 2020. 

The court made the order when the case over school ownership between Mabior Atem and Panther Alier was still pending.