Kiir seals deal with 3 Kingdoms for 2024 elections

Kiir seals deal with 3 Kingdoms for 2024 elections
President Salva Kiir and King of Chollo Kindom, His Majesty Kwongo Dak Padiet sharing a light moment the Royal Honoring organised by Chollo Community in Juba. [Photo: Presidential Press Unit]

With the 2024 general election inching closer by the day, President Salva Kiir has ramped up his political support base by sealing a deal with the three traditional kings of South Sudan.

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) has been active with grassroots political mobilisation since the year began and has lately employed a paradigmatic shift with attention turning to the existing kingdoms in South Sudan.

During the royal honoring of President Salva Kiir, organized by the Chollo Kingdom in Juba on Saturday, the three traditional kings of the Chollo, Anyuak, and Azande pledged to stand with President Kiir in the upcoming elections.

His Majesty Kwongo Dak Padiet, the King of Chollo Kingdom to rally support for him in the upcoming elections.

“He will remain blessed in his seat, and hopefully, he will stay with me until the coming election (2024),” King Kwongo said.

The president also received endorsements from Anyuaka and Azande Kingdoms.

Anyuak King, Akwei Agada Akei, said all of the kingdoms would continue to work hand in hand with Kiir to ensure that peace came to the country,” King Akei said when he joined other leaders at a public ceremony organised by Chollo Kingdom to honour President Kiir for saving the life of their king.

“This will mark the existence of peace and social existence; your excellency, we shall support your leadership and the government,” King Akwei promised.

King said Anyauk people would continue to rally behind the president to ensure that peace and development prevail in the country.

“We need peace; our children to go to school; IDPs and refugees to return home; let us stop fighting for our women to take a rest,” he said.

Prince Daniel  Rimbasa who spoke on behalf of King Atoroba Peni Rikito Gbudue of Azande Kingdom appreciated Kiir for restoring their monarch.

“The Azande Kingdom, the Anyuak Kingdom, and the Chollo Kingdom will support you and are really behind you,” he said.

South Sudan is expected to have its election in December 2024 ahead of the completion of the transitional period under the roadmap.  

Dr. Abraham Nyuon, a political analyst, the ruling party may have picked the baton ahead of its rivals owing to the fact that the traditional leaders from an African perspective are capable of successful mobilization, and their pledging support for the president is positive for the SPLM party.

“The King of Chollo has mostly that respect from his community, and he has a big role to play in rallying political support, particularly for the president and his party,” Kuol said.

‘He has all our support’

The Chollo King said President Kiir saved his life when the militia were baying for his blood, forcing the government to evacuate him to Juba.

“He saved my life twice.  So, I thought of invoking Nyikang [founder of Chollo King] to bless the president,” King Kwongo said.

He said President Kiir must continue to work for peace in the country at the point where the country is at the point of integration.

Kiir accepted the assurance from the Kings and promised to bring sustainable peace to the country.

“My government is ready to partner with you not just to achieve peace, but to work together indefinitely to fulfill our people’s aspirations,” Kiir said.

“I am fully aware of the critical role of traditional leadership in our pursuit of long-term peace and stability,” he added.

He said the time for war is over, and his government would ensure peace all over the country.

“The time for senseless war is over. It is not time for peace just among the politicians, but for the ordinary people at the grassroots across the country,” he said.