Kiir: Merry Christmas! Feast peacefully, carefully too

Kiir: Merry Christmas! Feast peacefully, carefully too
President Salva Kiir (photo credit: courtesy)

President Salva Kiir has made a passionate appeal to the citizens to embrace love and peace as they celebrate Christmas.

In his speech released on Friday evening, President Kiir challenged the citizens to live the values of the Christian faith and continue embracing peace given that the country is still in a healing phase.

The president stated: ‘‘In accordance with the lord’s teaching for this season, I am calling upon you to preach with vigour, give unconditional love to others and show a willingness to forgive those who ill-treated you in the past.

‘‘We all need to support peace by shunning violence in all its forms and by choosing peaceful means to address our grievances whenever they arise.  We ought to demonstrate care towards those who serve in our communities, especially in remote locations, whether they are government administrators or humanitarian workers,’’ he further stated.

The Head of State further sent a warning shot to those targeting aid workers to desist from the vice adding it was just a matter of time before they were apprehended.

‘‘Those who are committing these crimes will not hide from the long arms of the law indefinitely. They will be caught no matter how long this will take and they will pay for their crimes,’’ he warned.

He commended the civil servants and the organised forces for their dedication to service. According to the president, South Sudanese ought to show appreciation for the public servants for their selfless service throughout the year.

However, he cautioned the public against dropping their guard on the observance of the COVID-19 protocols.