Kenyan returns President Kiir’s passport after 29 years

Kenyan returns President Kiir’s passport after 29 years
South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit (L) shakes hand with his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta (Photo Courtesy)

​A family from Kenya that rescued President Salava Kiir’s from a plane crash has finally handed over his passport, 29 years later.

Kiir was among the three South Sudanese who survived a crash in Baringo, Rift Valley in 1993.

The family that pulled the president from the wreckage finally handed over his old passports to South Sudan over the weekend, barely a day before Kiir flew Monday, September 12, to Nairobi, for the swearing in of William Ruto as Kenya’s fifth president.

The plane had crashed in Torongo, in the present Baringo County.

Ezekial Keston, who was among the first people to get to the crash site, took with him a luggage that contained President Kiir’s passport and armlets written SPLM – SPLA.

They did not open the document until two years later when they discovered that the survivors were South Sudanese citizens, and that Kiir was part of the occupant.

“After two years, we discovered that Salva Kiir was among the passengers we had rescued through their passport and armlet written SPLA and SPLM,” Keston was quoted by the Standard Digital.

President Kiir and five others survived the plane crash.

A passenger died when the plane plunged from 25,000 feet above the ground.

The plane was flying from Wilson Airport in Nairobi to Kamoa, Nimule, and South Sudan.

And on Saturday, officials from the South Sudan Embassy in Nairobi visited the site of the December 1993 plane crash,

The mission was led by Diplomat from the South Sudan Embassy Kur Garang.

According to the villagers, they rushed Kiir and the rest of the survivors to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

”We acted swiftly to check what was happening and found the wreckage of the plane with five passengers on board, four men and a woman, on rescuing them one person apparently died, but the rest had blood oozing on their faces,” he said.

First, he said that they washed their faces before ferrying them in a lorry, to the Eldama Ravine Hospital which is 42 kilometers away from where they were attended.

They recovered from the plane wreckage, the president’s passport, and personal documents, which they handed over to the envoy.

Kur expressed gratitude to the people of Torongo for sa​​ving his president and for their benevolent hospitality.

It is not clear whether the president will meet his ‘saviors’ during his stay in Kenya.

“H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of South Sudan has arrived in the country to attend the inauguration ceremony of President – Elect William Ruto,” Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a tweet.