Keep cattle out of Juba, take up farming – Governor Adil to citizens

 Central Equatoria State (CES) Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony has reiterated that his government will continue enforcing the order by President Salva Kiir to keep cattle out of Juba and other satellite towns.

The governor, instead, appealed to residents of CES to embrace farming.

“Given its (agriculture) potential and availability of fertile land, we have to commit resources to the sector and engage all our citizens to become productive,” Adil said during the second Commissioners and Mayors’ Forum held on Wednesday, June 8.

He appealed to the populace to embrace modern farming methods, adding that his government will reward best performing farmers.

“We have to make the villages very attractive and promote wealth creation by discouraging rural-urban migration. We must create wealth through agriculture,” he added.

At the same time, governor Adil ordered the six County Commissioners to ensure that the order by President Kiir about three ago, is fully implemented.

“I direct all of you the commissioners and mayors to continue implementing the order by His Excellency (President Kiir) regarding the repatriation of roaming cattle.

“We are dealing with the issue of cattle roaming in bushes and massively encourage our communities to engage in farming. I, therefore, encourage all of you to campaign for agricultural production across the state.”

Adil noted his government will bridge the gap between the market and the farmers by expanding the road network.

“Improvement of social services will be one of the top priorities for all levels of governments and we need to start with roads to connect with our people.”

Adil, however, said that all these will only be achieved if the country is peaceful even as he appealed to citizens to embrace peaceful coexistence.

“For us to have sustainable peace and security, we need to reconcile and heal our people. But more importantly, we have to dialogue and resolve land and cattle related issues.

“You are well aware that a big portion of our population is living in neighbouring countries as refugees. Efforts need to be put by all of us to make the return (of refugees) so attractive. This strategy should include stable security and the provision of effective services and economic activities. Without proper security, our people will continue to live in the refugee camps which will deprive them of their potential and economic development for all of us.”

He appealed to residents of Central Equatoria, particularly those who live close to neighbouring countries like Uganda and DRC as well as other states, to live peacefully with their neighbours.