Kapoeta South launches construction of modern meat market

Kapoeta South launches construction of modern meat market

Authorities in Kapoeta South, Eastern Equatoria State, have launched the construction of a modern meat market in a bid to boost the hygiene of the food sold in the market.

The area mayor, Elia Lokuda, said the move will ensure the production of quality meat for the local population.

The construction is funded by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations to upgrade the condition of the meat market centre in Kapoeta South Town.

Lokuda added that the construction of the facility would take three months to be completed.

The mayor encouraged the business communities dealing in meat sales to cooperate with the local community in order for them to sell quality meat for consumption.

He also warned the meat sellers not to take advantage of the consumers by overcharging the community to gain personnel benefits from the business.

“Yes, we are going to monitor and talk to them; we don’t need them to take advantage of the illiterate consumers. You all know we are agro-pastoralists; we have the animals, so they should not overcharge,” Lokuda said.

He further appealed to the Food and Agriculture Organisation, or FAO, to train butchers on hygiene maintenance and meat handling procedures so as to keep the meat market clean.

“All these that look good when not maintained next week will not stand there because that is blood and flies. For our great organisation, FAO, I am requesting you if there is the possibility to allocate a budget for training the butchers; these people need training,” Lokuda stressed.

He said there are plans underway to develop Kapoeta South Council, urging the traders in the town to ensure they renovate their buildings by the end of the year.