Kalisto reflects on his stint as Juba mayor

Kalisto reflects on his stint as Juba mayor
Former mayor Kalisto Lado waters a flower during a past function in Juba. [File Photo]

The former mayor of Juba City Council, Kalisto Lado, has praised his track record, likening it to a foundation stone he laid during his one year in office.

Kalisto who was removed from office after serving only for one year believes that the projects currently being implemented by the Juba City Council were initiated by him.

This statement came after the authorities of Central Equatoria State, in partnership with a private firm, East Africa Go Green, on Tuesday announced the arrival of 24 trucks for garbage collection in Juba.

Kalisto hinted that before his removal, his administration had accomplished several tasks, including the rehabilitation of the administration building.

“The staff were lucky to have found us, having finished the renovation, reconstruction, and furnishing of the office, plus the compound that provides a conducive environment.”

In a statement posted on his social media on Tuesday, Kalisto said, “We already bought the heavy equipment for the construction of roads. We bought the buses and the two V6, 2021, as mobility for our staff.”

“We already contracted a statement solution company for engineering consultancy and digital revenue collection. We have already contracted with East Africa Go Green for garbage collection in Juba. The equipment was already in Mombasa and, good enough, they have arrived in Juba as we are talking now, “he said.

Kalisto further said the company would provide compactors, road sweepers, and container carriers. There are even machines for washing the roads.

“Target Group Company also put on iron grills on the ministry road near the parliament, not forgetting the trees we planted on the airport road, the roads constructed and the level of cleanness of Juba that we have succeeded in achieving. The people of Juba deserve more services, that’s why we were sleepless,” he added.

Mayor dismissed

Kalisto was dismissed in November 2021 by the Central Equatoria State Governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony, in a gubernatorial decree read over the Equator Broadcasting Cooperation (EBC). He was then replaced by Michael Lado Alla-Jabu.

Addressing the media in Juba on Tuesday, Francis Jada, Director of the Go Green East Africa Company, said the project has been on for the last two years and that a good amount of money has been invested in it.

“We have done our part. It is now the compliance that needs to go to the public and they need to comply with how we are going to do the job. Even if we bring 100 trucks and they do not comply at the grassroots, then we will not clean our city, “Jada said.

He urged the public to cooperate with their data collection team. That data “will make our work much easier to distribute these few resources that we have,”

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Juba, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu, said it was a remarkable day for them to receive the long-awaited garbage trucks that had been shipped from China by the Go Green East Africa Company Limited.

He said they have a joint memorandum of understanding with the company and they will be working together as partners in garbage collection within the capital.

However, several residents of Juba believe that Kalisto left office with a mixed legacy—a reputation for the modernisation of Juba that recorded some success in reforming the city, but also taxation policies that irked traders the wrong way.