Juba must fully demonstrate its importance in resolving the Sudan crisis

Juba must fully demonstrate its importance in resolving the Sudan crisis
The foreign affairs ministers of the neighbours of Sudan are also expected to hold their ministerial meeting in Chad.

The consultative meeting between the transitional government of Sudan and the leaders of the Sudanese political parties, organised by the Juba Peace Agreement Mediation Committee, launched yesterday in the capital, Juba, and will discuss the ongoing armed conflict in Sudan in addition to evaluating the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement.

During the opening session, the head of the mediation committee and presidential advisor on security, Tut Gatluak, called on the Sudanese parties to show a spirit of peace and redouble efforts to stop the war in Sudan.

With these initiatives, Juba will have returned to its desired position to play its role in bringing the views of the political parties in Sudan together, and to calm the situation that led to the war currently raging in Sudan.

President Kiir has repeatedly lamented that the country is affected by the conflict in Sudan. Politically, the government of Sudan is the main guarantor of (R-ARCSS), and therefore the stability of our country is undoubtedly directly affected by the situation in Sudan.

At the same time, the great economic cooperation between the two countries in the field of the petroleum industry links the two countries to common interests in the long term.

This requires the government to increase its efforts to push the warring parties in Sudan to reach a ceasefire as quickly as possible and to begin a political process established to sustain peace.

These efforts must be part of regional efforts that are moving in the same direction, including the IGAD initiative and the initiative of Sudan’s neighbouring countries.

Specifically, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must intensify its efforts to coordinate with all regional initiatives and clearly communicate the voice of South Sudan, as it is the first country with an interest in restoring peace to Sudan.

President Salva Kiir’s support for the Juba Sudan Peace Agreement Mediation Committee, led by Tut Gatluak, will enable the committee to continue with such activities and initiatives that will certainly have a positive impact that contributes to resolving the crisis in neighbouring Sudan.