Jonglei teachers threaten to go on strike

Jonglei teachers threaten to go on strike

The Jonglei State teachers’ union has given the ministry of education a 24-hour ultimatum to clear their SSP 28 million incentive.

The union had earlier rejected the salaries for March and August as the membership called on the ministry to bring in active teachers.

Speaking to The City Review on Tuesday, Daniel Chol, the Secretary of the Teachers’ Union in Jonglei State, said they had filed a petition for the suspension of salaries for March and August until the demands of the teachers are met.

 “Our demands include the increment of teacher’s salaries using the SSP 28,000,000 balance that remains after every month in the state ministry of education; immediate replacement of [gone] teachers and staff with those who are currently active in-service delivery in the state; and confirmation of all consolidated payments,” said Daniel.

“Inclusion of the additional allowance in the payroll rather than a separate payment being made after every monthly payment,” he added.

The teachers are also demanding payment of all the operational costs for early childhood development, primary and secondary schools.

“A clear explanation must be given for the absence of this important education program since 2019 to date, and if the state fails to uphold our demand within 24 hours, the teachers will go on peacefully strike,” Daniel explained.

He urged the state ministry of education to upgrade teachers at all levels of education service in the state.

However, the Director-General at the State Ministry of Education, Ruot Yoal Nyuon, said he was blocked out of his office by the teachers after delivering their petition.

He said he did not have the chance to read the petition but informed the minister of education verbally of what was going on.

 “They (teachers) did not give us time to go to the office and meet with them to see what the issues were that needed to be addressed here in the office and issues that needed to be directed to the national ministry of education for further deliberation,”  Ruot said.

“These incentives were not delivered from the national ministry of finance, it’s just an assumption we can enquire to work now that the incentive was not released,” he added.

“I don’t see any response that can be possible here since the money is not there, but we should submit an inquiry to the national ministry of education to discuss the release of the incentive and no one can pay the money here in the state,” Ruot stressed.