Jonglei State embarks on art to fight organized crime

Jonglei State embarks on art to fight organized crime
Traditional dancers in Bor during peace. [Photo: Charles Mark]

The state government of Jonglei State held a five-day peace festival in Bor Town that featured music, comedy and traditional dances.

The festival, which was organised through the ministry of peacebuilding in collaboration with the UNHCR field office under the South Sudan Reconciliation, stabilization and Resilience Trust fund, is to reduce the cycle of violence and end women and child abduction across Greater Jonglei and Greater Pibor Administrative Areas.

Speaking to the media yesterday in Bor Town, the state minister of peacebuilding in Jonglei, Malual Kon, said the festival had brought in people from across the nine counties of Jonglei State and the neighbouring states to build social co-existence.

“There has been a continued cycle of violence in Jonglei, and we are putting in advocacy to end this cattle raiding and also child abduction in the state,” Kon said.

He stated that through music and wrestling, the youth who are normally prone to crime can be reached in the behaviour change programme.

“We are here to entertain our people and also send messages of peace to youth. The main actors in this crisis are the youth,” said Malual

He called on the youth from the Pibor administrative area to stop mobilising in small groups and attacking communities in Jonglei State, leading to revenge.   

Viola Makame, UNHCR Head of Field Office in Bor, stated that her office works with the state government to eradicate cycles of inter-communal violence in Jonglei and the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA).

“There are many good opportunities and potentials in Jonglei and Greater Pibor

Administrative Area (GPAA), however, there are also continuous cases of sporadic incidents of cattle reading, killings, and child and women abductions despite numerous efforts play by the State authorities to end such acts,” said Makame.