Jonglei State condemns attack by ‘mushrooming militia group’

Jonglei State condemns attack by ‘mushrooming militia group’

Jonglei State has condemned the recent brutal attack on civilians in Gok Payam, Ayod County.

On December 17, an armed group led by Gen. Thomas Mabor Dhol was reported to have attacked Gok Payam, Ayod County, killing one person and wounding three others.

John Samuel Manyuon, the state spokesman, said the militia attacked the payam after escorting Mabor to northern parts of the state. He added that they also made ay with herds of cattle.

“The militias went away with thousands of cattle. “They [attackers] were returning to Nyirol County after escorting their general (Thomas Mabor) to the northern Jonglei areas of Pigi County,” said Manyuon.  

Manyuon condemned the attack and blamed the holdout armed faction for spoiling peace in the state.

“The government of Jonglei State condemns in the strongest terms possible such a barbaric attack on our civil population in Ayod County.”

“As a government, we are warning the holdout armed factions of Kitgwangs to stop causing such destruction to our citizens in Jonglei State, who are staying in peace and harmony among themselves,” he added.

On December 9, the Jonglei State government reported the illegal mission of Gen. Mabor, where he was accused of marshaling hundreds of armed young men and taking them to the bush.