JEDCO announces power rationing from Tuesday

JEDCO announces power rationing from Tuesday

Juba Electricity Distribution Company (JEDCO) has informed power consumers of its intention to embark on power shedding due to lack of enough supply.

JEDCO said this in a statement to the consumers dated April 5, 2021, on Monday. The power distributor said the decision had been arrived at after Ezra Construction and Development Group, the generator, raised a red flag that it could no longer sustain the demand due to lack of resources and support from other stakeholders.

‘‘JEDCO management will start shedding power from 6 April 2021until a complete power shutdown. We are now forced to partially start shedding from the Juba distribution network until further notice,’’ JEDCO statement partly reads, adding that order begins on Tuesday, April 6.

Power shedding is where the power distributor switches off certain lines of supply to avoid risks such as overloads that may result in a total shutdown.

Past account

This is not the first time Ezra and JEDCO are raiding complaints in regards to the hitches in power generation. In January, Ezra served JEDCO with a notice of a shutdown due to arrears.

A government intervention averted the scheduled power shutdown but media reports revealed the generator was still demanding millions of dollars in the forms of arrears yet to be paid.