Israel restricts travel to South Sudan, 49 others

Israel restricts travel to South Sudan, 49 others
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett leads a cabinet meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem on September12, 2021. (photo credit: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90)

Israel has placed South Sudan and 49 other African countries on the country’s travel ‘red list’ amid growing fear of the new COVID-19 variant, omicron.

This comes after the Israeli Ministry of Health reported the detection of the first case of the variant detected in South Africa in a traveller from Malawi.

According to media reports from Jerusalem, two other active cases were being monitored and have been genetically sequenced. All patients were fully vaccinated.

Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, said the country was on the verge of an emergency. On Friday, Mr Bennett held an emergency meeting to discuss the mutation and implications the variant could have for the State of Israel.

On Saturday, the government of Israel also discussed whether or not to close Ben-Gurion airport to foreigners yet again.

South Sudan is now among the list of 50 African countries marked as travel “red zone”. Other countries on the list include:

1)    Angola
2)    Benin
3)    Botswana
4)    Burkina Faso
5)    Burundi
6)    Cameroon
7)    Cape Verde
8)    Central African Republic
9)    Chad
10)   Comoros
11)   Djibouti
12)   Equatorial Guinea
13)   Eritrea
14)   Eswatini
15)   Ethiopia
16)    Gabon
17)   Gambia
18)   Ghana
19)   Guinea
20)   Guinea-Bissau
21)   Ivory Coast
22)   Kenya
23)   Lesotho
24)   Liberia
25)   Madagascar
26)   Malawi
27)   Mali
28)   Mauritania
29)   Mauritius
30)   Mozambique
31)   Namibia
32)   Niger
33)   Nigeria
34)   Republic of the Congo (Congo Brazzaville)
35)   Reunion (France)
36)   Rwanda
37)   Sao Tome and Principe
38)   Senegal
39)    Seychelles
40)    Sierra Leone
41)    Somalia
42)   South Africa
43)    St. Helena (UK)
44)    Tanzania
45)    The Democratic Republic of the Congo
46)    Togo
47)    Uganda
48)    Zambia
49)    Zimbabwe