Invigilators told to watch out for exams malpractices

Invigilators told to watch out for exams malpractices
Lakes State officials inspecting one of the examination centres in one of the schools in Rumbek [Photo: courtesy].

The Lakes State Minister of General Education and Instructions, Nelson Makoi Makur, urged all the invigilators and supervisors to be vigilant against examination malpractice in the primary school leaving examinations scheduled for Monday.

According to the minister, more than 4,000 pupils are expected to sit for the 2022 Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) examinations scheduled for today.

In preparation for the examinations, Makoi inspected three examination centres in Rumbek to ensure that all arrangements and preparations for the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) were in place.

After an inspection over the weekend, which also involved the National Examination Council (NEC), Makoi directed the invigilators to ensure cases of cheating do not arise. He called for a “two pupils per bench policy” to deal with the vice.

“I am directing chief invigilators and county education directors across Lakes State to strictly follow the “2 pupils per bench” examination policy to avoid any inconvenience such as examination malpractice or congestion,” Makoi said.

The minister expressed expectations of good performances, adding that most of the pupils were well prepared.

Announcing the exam table weeks ago, Awut Deng, the minister of general and instruction, stated that the examinations would be closely monitored to discourage exam malpractice throughout the country.

Awut said most of the experienced and professional teachers would be dispersed from Juba to invigilate examinations throughout the whole country.

According to NCE, over 60 000 candidates are expected to write the five papers, with mathematics being the last to be taken.

Of the 60,714 registered candidates, 34,505 are boys and 26,099 are girls.