Invest in youth now or ruin the future – EU warns

Invest in youth now or ruin the future – EU warns
EU Ambassador, Christian Bader, at Juba Orphanage Home. [Kitab Unango/The City Review]

The European Union (EU) has challenged the government to invest in the young generation to avert potential societal ills like crime and abuse of drugs.

The EU Ambassador to South Sudan, Christian Bader, said action should be taken at the earliest time possible “if we want to have hope, moral and law-abiding citizens” in South Sudan.

“There is just one condition that we must take if we want to have hope in this country. We have to invest in the youth. For instance, if you are hopeless and you have nothing to expect, for instance, the street children here in Juba will not change anything. They will only bring crime and more violence. So we have to take care of this generation, ”

Ambassador Bader was speaking in Juba, on May 9 which also coincided with the EU Day.

Europe Day is an annual commemoration day of the birth of the European Union on 9 May 1950, which is also known as the Schuman Declaration that set out idea of a new form of political cooperation in Europe.

The EU Embassy paid a solidarity visit to the Juba Orphanage Home and donated food items to the over 60 orphans at the centre.

Bader warned that should the government fail to take care of the future generation, they would turn into criminals. He said a lot has to be invested to manage them in the future.

“If you do not take care of these people now, the cost will be even more in the future because these people will become criminals,” Bader said.

 “You will have to pay judges, pay prisons and you will have to pay a lot more that you will have to take all these children on the streets.”

“This has to stop because there are not millions of them. They are only in Juba, Malakal, and Wau, but it is an investment, “he added.

EU is one of South Sudan’s key-partners on development, humanitarian and peace.