Inter-Parliamentary Games here to correct S. Sudan’s negative image – Bonju

Inter-Parliamentary Games here to correct S. Sudan’s negative image  – Bonju
South Sudanese MPs, led by Speaker Jemma Nunu Kumba, train ahead of next week’s Inter-Parliamentarians games [Courtesy photo]

​Over 1000 Members of Parliament (MPs) from across the seven East African member countries are expected in Juba, as South Sudan prepare to stage her maiden EALA Games from November 25.

The regional games reserved for politicians and employees in respective parliaments will be open to the public. It will give South Sudanese sports lovers, a little extra sports cuisine alongside the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The games present Juba with a perfect opportunity to show the region, and perhaps the continent the other side of South Sudan – the untold splendour of a country rich in minerals, tourist attraction sites and the ballooning hotel industry, not to say the rich culture of the 64 tribes that forms the one big family -South Sudan.​​

These games, to be attended by legislatures and parliamentary staff from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, DR Congo, Rwanda, Buru and the host nation, will help South Sudan correct her wrong perception, stemming from negative PR.

Paul Yoane Bonju, the gages’ head of the Media and Publicity Committee, said the event would allow lawmakers from other countries to witness the strides the country has made since attaining independence in 2011.

 “This event is going to wash out the narrative of associating South Sudan with violence,” Bonju told City Review in an exclusive interview.

he added that dignitaries would be treated to the country’s best hospitality facilities and a tour of the Nile among others.

“We expect a peaceful event. Security will be in place, and we have all modern hotels for our visitors,” Paul stated.

With over 1000 moneyed visitors, business is expected to boom with hotels expected to register a surge in the booking.

“Economically, people are going to benefit, especially our traders.

Some of the sites that visiting legislatures are expected to tour include the historic Dr John Garang Mausoleum – the final resting place for founding father, the late John Garang; a boat tour in the River Nile.

Hotels along Africa’s longest river are also expected to register a boom in business.