Immigration receives 7,000 passport booklets

Immigration receives 7,000 passport booklets
Lt. Gen. Atem Marol Biar, Director-General of the Directorate of Nationality, Passports, Immigration, and Civil Registry (photo credit: Sheila Ponnie/The City Review)

The Directorate of Civil Registry, Nationality, Passport, and Immigration received over 7,000 pieces of passport booklets.

Addressing the media yesterday, the Director-General of the Immigration, Atem Marol Biar, said the consignment would be followed by another 2500 booklets.

Atem directed the ICT department to immediately print out the passports and give them to the owners within a short period of time.

Atem added that the procedures of approval will be eliminated in order to ease the process of printing.

“I want to promise our people that there will be no issues of the approval, as soon as we receive [them], we will print” he said.

He emphasised that the directorate and the contracted company are in good terms to make sure the national interests are met, adding the passport booklets were received before payment.

“We will not have any problem concerning all these types of booklets…we already have for diplomatic passport, official passport, special passport, business passport,” he affirmed.

“The issue was actually regular passport and already we receive nine thousand today” he said. 

He called on the people to come for their passports in order to avoid accumulation in the store.