Immigration calls on 60,000 applicants to pick printed national IDs

Immigration calls on 60,000 applicants to pick printed national IDs
Lt. Gen. Atem Marol Biar, Director General of Immigration, Passports, Nationality and Civil registry (photo credit: courtesy)

Over 60,000 newly printed nationality certificates are yet to be picked, the Directorate of the Civil Registry, Nationality, Passports and Immigration (DCRNPI) said.

The department’s Director-General Atem Marol Biar is now appealing to those who had applied for the documents to go and pick them to decongest the offices.

This came after the directorate received a new stock of 120,000 documents for nationality certificate printing that would take them two years to finish.

Atem appealed to those whose certificates have been printed to come and collect them, adding that those living outside the country can coordinate through the embassies.

“Last year when I came, I decided to print all that was in the system. That is the reason we have more than 60,000 printed national certificate cards outside,” he said.

“I want to direct the directorate of nationality to print these within four days.” People of the warehouse, you give 7,000 pieces to the department of the machine so that they print them. “Let the printing start today if you are ready, let us clarify what is there in the system,” Atem instructed.

He added that there were more than 300,000 national identity cards. Unfortunately, people were not turning up to collect their printed documents.

“I am requesting commercial banks, government banks that if people go to the bank and want to open a bank account; let the person open a bank account using the national identity. The national certificate is a supporting document to a national ID,” he argued.

“We are so behind in the national ID meeting, which was conducted two months ago in Morocco, that the number of people in South Sudan who have a national identity are less than 18 per cent.”

In January 2022, Atem vowed to fight corruption and provide satisfactory services to the citizens.

“Fighting corrupt practices was my first effort in the office. I have arrested 15 people so far who were involved in criminal acts,” he confided.

He warned customs officers against bribery, stressing that those who pay and receive bribes will be held liable for promoting corruption.

The Director General clarified that the passport in South Sudan costs $6 though some citizens claim that they pay in excess $100, to rogue officials to access the document.