IDPs ‘forced’ to drink flood water

IDPs ‘forced’ to drink flood water
Women waiting to fetch water at a local water pump.

​South Sudanese living in Bor IDP Camp are now using flood water for domestic use after acute shortages hit the area.

John Both Kueth the camp chairperson said it is now the third day since a pump at the only borehole in the area broke down.

“We have only one borehole in the camp and it broke down three days ago. People are now using flood water which is not safe for drinking,” he told City Review.

The flooding in the area is making the already bad situation even worse with residents at the old POC site now cut from the nearby camps.

“They don’t even have chlorine to treat the water. The only option is to maybe boil the water.

Kueth call​s​ on both government and humanitarian organizations to quickly intervene, adding that it may lead to the outbreak of diseases.

“I am calling upon the humanitarian organization and state government especially the ministries concerned (water and health) to help before the outbreak of diseases such as cholera.”​