I did not send ‘goons’ to attack lawmaker – Governor Aleu

I did not send ‘goons’ to attack lawmaker – Governor Aleu
Warrap State State Governor Gen. Aleu Ayieny Aleu (photo credit: courtesy)

​A member of parliament from Warrap has gone into hiding after his home was allegedly attacked by unknown persons last Sunday.

Ariech Mayar Ariech who at one time was charged with ‘assault’ case, is now blaming the state governor for his predicament.

Ariech’s home was allegedly raided over the weekend. He blames Aleu Ayieny Aleu for sending his security to attack his home following an alleged misunderstanding with the state boss.

“Today at 7:30 PM, over 50 bodyguards of Governor Aleu raided my rural home at Wunkuel village, beating up my wife and looting all personal belongings,” Ariech claimed.

The Governor’s Press Secretary, Wath Atekdit, refuted the claims, terming them baseless.

Wath accused the lawmaker of spinning a family dispute between him and his brother, who opened a court case.

“Kindly disregard the misleading allegation of Hon Ariech Mayar Ariech that his house in the village was attacked by the governor’s bodyguards.

Ariech was summoned last week over an alleged assault case on a family member.

“The isolated case of Hon Ariech Mayar Ariech has nothing to do with the governor or state authorities. He was involved in a family confrontation with his younger brother and his mother earlier in August,” he added.

Ariech was summoned by police to record a statement over the matter before going into hiding for fear of his life.

“The office of Kuajok Town Police, through PPA Warrap State, do he​​reby request your esteemed office to officially hand over the above accused Hon Ariech to [honour] investigation procedures for the case opened against him by the citizen,” Kuot said.

The lawmaker was charged with an offence of assault and a warrant of arrest was issued on the same day, said the department of legal administration and public prosecution attorney in Warrap State.

“To any policeman/woman: “Whereas the accused person, Ariech Mayar Ariech has been charged with the offence of assault under section. (not clear) of the Penal code Act 2008 case No 725 at Kuajok Police Station, you are hereby directed to arrest him or her and produce (hand)him/her before the investigator, Angelo Aniet, at Kuajok Police Station,” the document read.