“I am fit like a fiddle” – embattled SPLM mouthpiece Peter Lam tells ‘political enemies’

“I am fit like a fiddle” – embattled SPLM mouthpiece Peter Lam tells ‘political enemies’
SPLM Secretary General Peter Lam Both speaking at his inauguration ceremony in Juba [photo: PPU]

Beleaguered South Sudan Liberation Movement (SPLM) Secretary General Peter Lam Both has confirmed that he is well and kicking.

Speaking exclusively to City Review, Lam denied rumours of his health deteriorating due to alleged poisoning.

“I am not sick,” Lam, who was at the centre of the storm early this week over inflammatory remarks, told City Review.

“I’m moving around,” he explained, adding, “I was in my office before. Nothing like that happened to me. My health did not deteriorate!” he said that the information being peddled around were mere fabrications by his political ‘enemies’.

“The opposition (SPLM-IO) is afraid of me.

“They know that I am doing a great job mobilizing the masses in favour of the SPLM party, so they want to spread these rumours about me to the masses that I am not healthy,” he added.

An old video recording of Lam making some inflammatory remarks surfaced online earlier this week, prompting the opposition to accuse Lam of inciting tribal animosity.

In the over five-minute clip, Lam was heard saying that a certain high-profile politician had “waged war” on another tribe.

The SPLM party defended Lam, saying that it was “old news” that was taken out of context.

Lam claimed that his detractors’ reports of him “falling sick” were cheap politics.

“I had travelled for treatment to Germany before, but I have since returned to carry on with my duties,” said Lam.

Lam indicated that the SPLM party will not pay attention to the rumours being peddled, describing them as cheap policy issued by the opposition.

He added that the SPLM party will continue to organize and mobilize the masses in preparation for the upcoming elections in 2024.

He further reiterated that the most imperative thing for the party now is the unity of the country and that of the citizens. “I want the SPLM party members everywhere to unite”.