Hunger panic hit Upper Nile State

Hunger panic hit Upper Nile State

The authorities in Upper Nile State have sounded an alarm over the dire humanitarian situation in the area.

Speaking to The City Review on telephone from Malakal, the state Minister of Information, Luke Sadallah, said that the citizens in the eastern counties are facing a serious hunger problem that needs to be addressed.

He said there was a plan to send the speaker of the state assembly and the minister of peace to Renk and Melut counties to procure some grains for the citizens.

Sadallah said Longechuk, Baliet, Akoka, Maban, Along, Nasir, and Longechok are the most hunger-stricken counties in the state.

“Some of the people from Maiwut have fled to Ethiopia, while others went to Maban County in search of food.”

“These counties are suffering from hunger because of lack of food in their areas because they did not cultivate in previous years due to wars and instability. A bag of sorghum rose to SSP 45,000, up from SSP 25,000.

He said the situation is likely to worsen in the next month if no humanitarian aid is provided.

Sadallah said the state government has approached local and foreign organisations operating in the area well as the national government and they have promised to deliver support to the affected counties.

“I also encourage citizens to go to farming to avoid cases of famine in the coming year, and the war of famine is only fought by agriculture.”

Sadallah said some of the internal roads linking the counties have been disrupted, including those used for importing goods from Sudan to Renk.