How Lucia leads Wau to second Athletics Republican Championship

How Lucia leads Wau to second Athletics Republican Championship

An outstanding performance by Lucia William, an international runner, earned Western Bahr el Ghazal State (Wau) wins in the second edition of the Republican Athletics Championship.

Lucia, who holds national records in 100 and 200 metres and has participated in various contests outside the country, devoted all of her efforts to the yearly tournament to ensure success for her city of Wau.

The 2020 South Sudanese Olympic representative competed in a variety of categories, including her favourite races— the 100 and 200 meters, as well as the 400×4 metres.

Lucia won all of the races in which she competed, providing Western Bahr el Ghazal State with high points in the women’s categories and contributing to their overall results.

She won more than five medals.

However, Lucia entered events just to encourage the country’s aspiring athletes.

“I decided to travel all the way from Kenya to participate in this second edition of the Republican Athletics Championship, not really to compete but to encourage countrymates,” she said after the triumph.

She said her main purpose for coming to compete with home athletes was to motivate upcoming players to work hard in order to raise their level.  

“I never want to be special since I started in a hard way, so encouraging and talking to my fellow youth, especially those who find their talent in athletes, I feel that it is something great that can motivate them to work hard despite the lack of athletic facilities in the country.”

She gave an example of what she went through before making it international.

“For instance, I myself suffered a lot. I started in my hometown, Wau, where I had never seen standard facilities run in other people’s countries, but it was three of my commitments, and it is my belief that I would see many colleagues reach my level even better than me,” she explained.

“My message to my fellow athletes is that there is nothing difficult in this world. When you commit to anything, no matter how severe the situation, you will always succeed.”

She urged the government to work with local investment firms to boost sports facilities in order to realise the potential of the country’s youth.

Wau athletics head coach, Peter Mungo, commended his athletes for making things easier for the Wau squad.

“I am extremely proud of my athletes; they performed their absolute best, and they deserve even better if the country had enough support facilities,” he said.