Hotter days ahead as JEDCO’s power rationing enters day five

Hotter days ahead as JEDCO’s power rationing enters day five
JEDCO workers on site to repair electric faults. [Photo: Courtesy]

Juba residents should brace themselves for even hotter days ahead as power rationing enters day five in the capital. 

The power distributor has kicked off lengthy maintenance work at its main plant, which will force city residents forced to look for alternative sources of power or put up with higher temperatures, especially during the day.

This week, the temperature hit as high as 40 degrees Celsius. 

Juba Electricity Distribution Company – (JEDCO) said that it will undertake 21-day maintenance work on key generators.

“We regret to inform you that there will be partial load-shedding programming that will run for 21 days. This is due to the maintenance team planning an immediate overhaul of the engine that needs to be maintained at the power plant,” the power producers and suppliers said in a notice to the public.

The decision will throw the city, already struggling under the scorching sun, under a 12-hour power outage for the better part of the day.

Hai Gabat, Juba Na Bari, Thongping, Bilpam, Munuki,Mauna, Seven Day, Dar Salaam, Hai Tarawa, Rock City, Gudele 1 and 2, Joppa, Hai Referendum will be affected on Tuesday, March 7.

The following areas will have interruptions on Wednesday: Hai Cinema, Hai Malakal, Konyo Konyo, Hai Malakia, Hai Neem, Nimra Talata, Atlabara, Kator, Suk Sitta, Giada, Jabel, Partial Kor Wiliang, Gumbo Shariket, Bridge Riverside, Lologo and Kasaba.