Herders invade Imehejek Area in search for pasture, water

Herders invade Imehejek Area in search for pasture, water

Mathew Oromo, the Imehejek Chief Administrator in Eastern Equatoria State.  [Photo: courtesy]

An unspecified number of cattle keepers from Kapoeta North County started seeking pasture and water in the Imehejek Administrative Area raising fears of possible tension with the host communities.  

The Chief Administrator of Imehejek Administrative Area, Mathew Oromo, told The City Review that the cattle herders were sighted in Lalanga Village and that their keepers did not consult the host communities.

 “The Tosposa cattle keepers migrated this side of Lalanga village and they have occupied part of the land and they did not even consult the community and they just migrated with their cattle,” he said.

The area administrator said they had urged the area youth in the communities to remain calm as his administration coordinates with the Kapoeta North authorities to speed up the settlement of the herders.

“We need the people to be together, there should be some memorandum of understanding and some processes,” he added.

According to administrator, in the memorandum of understanding, the host community is demanding blood compensation for the people killed and the animals raided by the suspected Toposa youth from Kapoeta North.

He then called on the communities and the herders to peacefully co-existence to help build trust and relationships among the neighbouring people sharing the common goods in the state.

 “As the government and the administrator of the area, I would love to see these people live in peace without any problem. They can interact and exchange their animals in terms of businesses and they can walk together,” he said.

“We would not love to see that there is a conflict between them or there is fight and there is killing…let them come in good spirit and we will appreciate.”

Efforts to reach the Kapoeta North County authorities for comment were unsuccessful by press time.   

The relocation of the cattle herders in the area came days after a series of killings and cases of cattle theft blamed on the youth from Kapoeta North County.