Healthcare in Pigi County on its knees: minister

Healthcare in Pigi County on its knees: minister
Jonglei State minister of health Chol Dhieu with his accompanying delegation in Pigi County Jonglei state. [Chol Michael, City Review].

Jonglei State Minister of Health, John Dhieu, appealed to the national government and partners to intervene and uplift the level of healthcare in Pigi County.

Dhieu, who addressed the minister after touring the facilities of Korfulus and Diel over the weekend, said the healthcare situation in most of the payams in Pigi is in a bad state.

“I found that there were unqualified staff… There is a need for qualified staff to provide effective services to the community,” said Dhieu.

He said the county health facilities have not been refurbished since 2013, making healthcare services poor.  

“They have assured us that they are going to improve the health situation in the area,” he said, in reference to the response from the officials on the ground.

He encouraged the county health authorities to seek support from the state ministry of health whenever needed.

Pigi County Health Director Peter Machar appreciated the visit of the health minister, adding that his visit would have an impact on the healthcare.   

He said mothers and underage children are the victims of the poor health services in the area.

“In terms of health service in Pigi County, we are behind compared to other counties in Jonglei State. So, I am urging the state minister for health and national ministry, plus our partners, to look into our problem,” appealed Machar.

“Pigi has only one primary health care centre (PHCC), which is not enough for the people in the county. Mothers and children are the victims because mothers deliver and have no maternity services.”