Greater Mundri readies ‘Mboriman’ inter-Payam peace tourney

Greater Mundri readies ‘Mboriman’ inter-Payam peace tourney

The Greater Mundri counties are getting ready to witness the inaugural “Mboriman” Super Inter-Payam Peace League get underway.

Seventeen payams from the three Greater Mundri counties are expected to compete in the maiden tournament.

The competition’s creator, Sultan Mboriman Mbory, said that the tournament’s sole goal is to include young people and the community at large in fostering harmony and peace.

“The conflict has torn us apart. As such, our youth and people are no longer like before, and the only way is for us to unite [is through football which has the remarkable ability to forge that togetherness and peace,” Mbory told to The City Review.

He said he believes that the lessons that players and viewers will take away from the game will teach important life skills like cooperation, empathy, and communication.

Mbory encouraged the young people to use the tournament as a means of mending and coming together, particularly in light of the impending election in the nation.

Amadi Payam will host the event, along with sixteen others, including Lui, Lozoh, Witto, Minga, Kedi’ba, Lakama’di, Mundri, Bangolo, Koto’bi, Mvolo, Kokori, Bagori, Lessi, Bahr El Grindi, Dari, and Yeri Payam.

Top government figures, including youth, women, church and traditional leaders, are anticipated to attend the festivities to spread a message of harmony, peace, and togetherness among the youth.

The Mboriman competition will officially open on Monday 12/02/2024 and run for two weeks at Mundri West County’s headquarters.

The first-place winner of Mboriman’s Super League Payam will take home one of the priciest trophies, valued at over SSP3.5 million.

In addition, the champions will receive a prize of SSP 3.5 million. The top scorers, best goalkeeper and best players will also get rewards, including cash for each individual.

The ‘Mboriman’sMboriman’s league’ football intra-payam competition was initiated by a Western Equatoria State youthful politician who once showed interest in the position of governorship but never happened.

Could there be a resurgence of his dream of becoming the governor of western Equatoria, after the fighting in 2014 cut short his dream? The public will have to wait to witness it.

The ‘Mboriman’s Super League’ is aimed at breaking down social barriers and fostering a sense of unity, peace, and belonging, helping to build stronger communities and promote social integration among the youth.