Gov’t urges private sector to invest in quality healthcare

Gov’t urges private sector to invest in quality healthcare
Two women converse at the entrance gate of Juba Teaching Hospital. The hospital has been audited and found to be compliant with COVID-19 rules. [Sheila Ponnie, City Review]

Health Minister Yolanda Awel Deng is calling on investors to consider putting money in the healthcare system.

Speaking in Juba on Thursday during the unveiling of the South Sudan Modern Medical Hospital, Yolanda said such initiatives would ultimately increase the capacity of the national staff in the medical field.

“I have seen a remarkable quality of medical staff and doctors. The national and Sudanese specialists who I have seen today should do their best to localise treatment and provide the badly needed medical services in the country, which will contribute to strengthening the medical system and ultimately the development of the country,” she said.

The minister indicated that this work localises the required practical and scientific experience in the medical field in the country, and asked Sudanese doctors and specialists to transfer all their scientific and medical expertise to their counterparts from the country’s medical cadres.

The minister praised the hospital’s modern medical equipment brought to the country and added, “You should take good care of the modern medical equipment that you have now because taking care of this equipment helps citizens to find advanced medical services here in their country,” she said.

The minister called on the private sector, women, and national businessmen to assist the government in implementing the peace agreement by increasing their commercial investment in the country, especially in the health and medical fields, which the citizens of South Sudan desperately need.

The proprietor of South Sudan Modern Medical Hospital, Ayii Duang Ayii said that as patriotic businessmen they will continue to provide all the services that they can to citizens.

“We will continue to provide all the various developmental services to the citizens of the country, and this hospital is one of these services for all the ten states of the country and its three administrations.” “I have recommended to the doctors to take six modern medical equipment for dialysis for each for Wau, Malakal, and two total dialysis equipment for the rest of the country’s states and the three administrations,” he said.

Dr. Benjamin stated that the hospital has distinguished medical cadres, nationals and from the country and Sudan, working in famous private and public hospitals such as Al-Fadil, Alia, Ibn Sina.

“We have used rare and distinguished foreign expertise in order to provide distinguished medical services to citizens, such as hemodialysis operations.

“Also for all the country’s medical cadres to take experiences and training from their Sudanese counterparts in several fields, including nursing, medical engineering, how to use medical equipment professionally,” he said.