Gov’t told to commence roadmap sensitisation

Gov’t told to commence roadmap sensitisation
Bol Joseph.

A member of parliament in the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly has called on the government to sensitise the public about the roadmap.

Bol Joseph, who represents the National Democratic Movement—under the umbrella of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance—said the sensitization needs to extend to the national parliament.

On Monday, the parliament ratified and amended the transitional constitution to incorporate the agreement on the roadmap to avoid the dissolution of the government.

“The agreement is like a constitution, which should actually be disseminated to the people so that they know what the current situation of their country is economically and politically,” Bol stressed.

The lawmaker said providing political space to all parties that are signatories to the roadmap is essential to achieving the objectives the leaders had promised to deliver.

He hinted that the roadmap does not bring all the parties together and that other political parties that are not signatories to the agreement also need political space to prepare their voters.

“The roadmap is taking us towards elections, and the elections need people to talk to people because the voters are people, and if the political parties are not given that space, there is no reason why we should say there is transition that is going to happen after the roadmap.”

Bol emphasised the importance of disseminator security, stating that it is an essential part of disseminating the roadmap to citizens.

He suggested a conference on the roadmap to be held outside South Sudan to allow all parties, including the holdout groups, to sign a new commitment to implement the roadmap in letter and spirit.

He said places like Kajo Keji that have been infiltrated by the National Salvation Front need proper security for the disseminators to go there.

“This means that we have to have the security provided by the government so that the roadmap is disseminated and there is political space given to the parties.”

When the council of ministers endorsed the roadmap in August, Michael Makuei Lueth, the minister of information, told the journalists that there were two committees to be formed.

He said the first committee would carry out the dissemination of the roadmap and the 2018 peace accord.