Gov’t to introduce financial ID Cards for public servants

Gov’t to introduce financial ID Cards for public servants

The government is planning to issue financial ID cards to public employees in order to pave way for the deployment of biometric payment systems.

The Minister of Finance and Planning, Bak Barnaba Chol, revealed this after meeting with IMF country team in Juba, where they discussed some major aspects of salary payment.

According to Bak, the move is intended to pave the way for the implementation of biometric payment systems while cleaning up the payroll system.

“The policies are aimed at cleaning the payroll from the ghost names and implementing the provisions of the 11 priorities of public financial management,” Bak said.

In August, the TNLA passed an SSP 2 trillion 2023–2024 budget with a 400 per cent increment in salaries and wages for civil servants and organized forces.

However, there was a public outcry about salary delays and warnings that they had led to the poor performance of government institutions.

According to Bak, the delay was caused by the installation of a biometric system and the adjustment of the payroll to the new salary structure.

To deal with corruption in the public sector, the government introduced an e-business registration system in May 2023 as another technique for removing the ghost workers from the payroll.