Gov’t proposes SSP 600b supplementary budget for salaries

Gov’t proposes SSP 600b supplementary budget for salaries

The Council of Ministers has forwarded a whooping SSP658 billion proposed salary structure to the governance and economic cluster for further review.

On Friday, the Minister of Public Service and Human Resources Management, Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro, presented this budget to the council.

According to the Minister of Information, Michael Makuei, this is a report of a committee formed in 2020 to draft a new salary structure for government employees.

Makuei said the governance and economic clusters will both present their resolutions to the cabinet before the proposed salary structure is passed to the parliament for consideration as a supplementary budget.

 “After thorough deliberation on the new salary structure which actually took long time, the cabinet made observation on the new salary structure and decided that it should be referred to governance cluster. It was referred to governance cluster because even the new salary structure did not even include our newly graduated forces and the forces that are in the field now.”

“The new salary structure demanded even more than the current salary which was presented to the cabinet and it was demanding SSP658,776,579,180. This off course  is a big budget and it requires a lot of resources so it is one of the reason why it was passed to the economic cluster to find out the source of funding this amount and the new forces that are coming in,” Makuei told the media.

He explained that the new salary structure is an overall salary structure for all government employees beginning with grade one and including constitutional post holders that takes into account many factors, including the current market situation.

He cautioned the that the new salary structure was not a follow-up to President Salva Kiir’s 2021 order that sought to increase civil servants’ salaries by 100 per cent.

“In fact the salary structure comes in as a matter of salary that I’m receiving being unable to buy me anything in the market. This is what bring the new salary structure because the current salaries are not buying anything for us in the market,” said Makuei.

The government set aside SSP 198.2 billion for wages in the fiscal year budget for 2022-2023, which is still being debated in parliament. Agak Achuil, the former Minister of Finance, presented the SSP 1.3 trillion budget to parliament in August.

According to the President’s salary structure, a grade-14 civil servant or army/security private will be paid 3,728 South Sudanese Pounds (roughly 7.4 United States Dollars). A grade one civil servant will be paid 13,580 South Sudanese Pounds, or $27.1 USD.

The current salary structure for civil servants based on the 100% increment is as follows: Grade 1 SSP 13,580, Grade 2

SSP11,680, Grade 3, SSP 11,100, Grade 4, SSP10,520, Grade 5, SSP10,120, Grade 6, SSP9,650, Grade 7, SSP9,416, Grade 8, SSP8,806, Grade 9, SSP8,396, Grade 10, SSP6,950, Grade 11, SSP5000, Grade 12, SSP4,125, Grade 13, SSP3,878, Grade 14,  SSP3,728, Grade 15, SSP2,678, Grade 16, SSP2,528, Grade 17, SSP2,378

The salary structure for organized forces begins with General SSP17, 000, Lt. General SSP16, 500, Maj. Gen. SSP13, 580, Brigadier/Brigadier-General SSP11, 680, Colonel SSP11, 100, Lt. Colonel SSP10, 520, Major SSP10, 120, Captain SSP9, 650, 1st Lt. SSP9, 416, 2nd Lt. SSP8, 806, RSM SSP8, 396, SM SSP6, 950, SGT SSP5000, Corporal SSP4, 125, L/Corporal SSP3, 878, Private SSP3, 728.

Makuei, however, did not reveal to the media how the new salary structure looks like.